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Fast, Cool & Easy specializes in the 3-page, 3-day, $300 website.

Is your business small, brand new, having trouble attracting customers? Are you an author seeking readers, or a health care professional attempting to reach out to potential patients? How would you like a simple, speedy jumpstart for your business?

Fast, Cool & Easy has the solution to your business woes.

If you want to reach out to potential customers--locally, around the state, nationally, or even internationally--the best way to advertise your product or service is on the World Wide Web. Imagine getting your business onto the web in less than a week for only a few hundred dollars! This means unlimited advertising potential on a very tight budget.

Fast, Cool & Easy can help you get there--no fuss, no muss.

When we were creating our own websites, we found there were no affordable web services offering simple site-building for a reasonable fee. Either you are left on your own, or you must pay thousands for a website! What about the small business or new entrepreneur in need of a less costly yet professional-looking solution? What about the artist or writer, inventor or self-employed person who wants to reach a wider audience? Our mission is to fill that gap by providing website services that are quick, inexpensive, and without complications--in other words, fast, cool and easy!

Our prices are so reasonable, it can be more cost-effective to work with us than to build your own site using software or online services. And we're a lot faster! In fact, we offer website redesign and website completion services for those who are struggling with half-built and inefficient websites. Click here for more information.

How would you like to position your business and begin spreading the good word--quickly, affordably, painlessly? In less than a week, your business will have a professional, eye-catching, easy to understand, personalized website similar to the site you are reading now. Simple and to-the-point, your new website will save your company time and money while attracting potential customers to your startup, fledgling, struggling or expanding business.

Fast, Cool & Easy is here to help.

We create unique, attractive, cool-looking websites. All work is done in-house by professional writers and certified web designers. No work is outsourced. No templates are used. Every website is personalized, made from scratch. NO REQUIRED MANAGEMENT FEES.

Give us a call today and we will be happy to explain our program: 561.866.7557. Or email us at


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