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These simple, functional sites were inexpensive and easy to build, but nevertheless are great marketing vehicles for their owners. Our website, too, illustrates the FC&E philosophy: a professional website to enhance your business does not have to be complicated, expensive, or tedious to create and maintain.

Our web design program is specially crafted to suit the needs of the entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to maximize their market with minimum cost and hassle. We make it simple, swift, with the lowest possible impact on your bottom line.

Most of our clients are not well versed in computer programming, nor do they desire to be.

Our clients are small business owners who simply wish to reserve a spot on the World Wide Web. Some of our clients are authors, others are health professionals. All of our clients like to be able to refer any potential customers to an attractive, professional website that provides basic information on products and services, hours of business, directions for driving and parking, and introductory details about their businesses. Our clients tell us that their websites bring in new business while reducing the need for print advertising and costly PR.

Fast, Cool & Easy Web Design specializes in quick, affordable websites. We can help you to create a 3-page website that is perfect for summarizing who you are and what you are offering. The layout and design of your site will be similar to this site. Visitors to your site can see exactly what you're about--quickly and easily. This reduces the time and energy you'll have to spend explaining yourself to potential customers. Instead, you can refer one and all to your attractive, professional website.

It doesn't take a lot of big words to tell it like it is.

Studies show that businesses need to capture public attention in just a few seconds, and avoid scaring people away with complex information and technical jargon. Sometimes our clients are so busy operating their business, they find it difficult to put what they do into just the right words in just the right number.

Fast, Cool & Easy Web Design can help you to summarize what you and your business are all about. We will then help you to design a professional website that features:

Pages can include professional graphics and, if desired, photos of your office, products and/or services. Photos of you and/or your employees may also be presented throughout the site.

Another great way to market yourself is YouTube. We can post a picture slideshow (with sound) to advertise your business. We will even create a YouTube account for you. It's Fast, Cool, and Easy! (Check out one of our YouTube videos here.)

We will get you there in less than a week.

By limiting the size of your site, you can maximize your advertising dollars. Once your website has been launched onto the Web, you will be able to update, alter, and add to it as much as you need to. Fast, Cool & Easy Web Design can help you to grow your website as you grow your business.

Search engine optimization is built into every website we create. You can choose to host your site yourself or, for a small annual fee, we will manage your account. Depending on your business needs, a management plan can be arranged. If desired, we will send you a detailed monthly analysis of your site's visits: number of visitors, their home cities, what pages they view, search engine keywords, and other essential data. A slideshow template (like the one on our home page) can be customized for your site for an additional small fee. Additional website options (such as more pages and more content) are available. Your website can grow as your business grows and FC&E will be there to help.

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Dr. Klionsky
Words from the Heart by Laurie
Boca Kings
Iguana Invasion
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Book Covers

We also do book covers for the affordable price of $99. Check out some examples of book covers we designed below.

Rising Above Mercury cover    Vinyl Lives cover
Vinyl Lives II cover    South Florida Spin

Book Trailers

Need to market your book in a convincing, fun way? We also do book trailers, which are YouTube videos designed to get the message out to your audience. Check out a couple of examples below.


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